• Roasting technology ten to ten.
  • Premium quality.
  • Packaging – 1000g.
  • Country of manufacture – Spain.
  • 100% naturally roasted Arabica coffee beans from different origins, specially selected and roasted separately, to enhance its virtues and provide an explosion of harmonious flavors that last in the mouth the trips and experiences over the years of the Riera family led to the design of this magnificent blend from the millions of coffee plantations in the world.
  • Brazil carefully selected coffee beans to create cream and body. mixed in exact proportions with freshness of Arabica from Colombia, it gives it sweetness and a great fruity aroma with a pleasant touch of acidity. Arabica coffee, originating from Guatemala, reinforces the cocoa and citrus notes that give elegance and complexity. this combination is strengthened with a very light proportion of lindia coffee to be able to enhance a light final touch with notes of dried fruits.
  • The result is a noble flavor with a very pleasant and subtle citric acidity, with notes of caramel, panela, chocolate, dried fruit and a hint of vanilla, with a silky texture on the palate and a harmonious flavor that lingers in the mouth, ideal for drinking separately or with milk.